About me - I'm a mechanical engineer with a strong creative streak, working at NASA Langley Research Center as a contractor, and mentoring a high school robotics team on the side.  I got into video recording, editing and photography to better train our multimedia subteam.  I happen to live close to Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and have found that video recording and photographing shows at the park provides a fantastic training ground.  As my skills have grown, I have moved into other types of performance photography and videography, as well as shooting performer portraits and headshots.

My style - My photography style has evolved into what I call "performance portraits".  I find that performers, whether they be actors, singers, dancers, or musicians, come alive when they are onstage, doing what they love.  I challenge myself to capture those moments.  When doing portraits or headshots, I try to bring out that same spark.

Headshot sessions - I am not a "time is money" headshot photographer.  My primary motivation is not to make a living shooting headshots.  Rather, it's to have a fun, relaxing experience getting to know a performer, and provide them with images they can use to further their career.  Those can be headshots for their agent, or dance photos and portraits for their website. 

Initial consultation

A shoot starts with a conversation with the client about what kinds of photos they are looking for, and what sort of setting would be suitable.  This can be face to face, but often as not it's via social media chat.  We'll chose a location and a time for the shoot, and run through tips for preparing for the session.

Photo shoot

A headshot / portrait shoot generally lasts about two hours or so.  I don't limit number of "looks" or changes of clothes.  We do anything and everything we feel like doing to get great pictures. 

Review session

After the photo shoot, I find clients are excited to see the results.  Generally we'll head for somewhere (Panera Bread works well) to sit and go through the photos on the computer.  The goal of this review session is to pull out the really great photos from the several hundred we'll have captured.  We make several passes through the photos, attempting to narrow it down to 10-20 or so possible headshots.  Generally, there are so many great photos that the review session takes a couple hours.  But, there's coffee and hot chocolate, so it's all good...


Within a day I provide the client a link to download unedited, lo-res jpg files of the top keepers.  I'll also edit a couple of my favorites ASAP, and post them on social media.  I ask the client to review the preview pictures a day or two after the shoot, to give a little space to be objective.  If you have access to a casting director or your agent, get their input.  Then, I'll edit the top ten images, with the top three formatted with proper borders for 8x10 printed headshots.  Full resolution files can be downloaded at the same link as the previews. 


For the photo session, review session, lo-res (meaning computer monitor full screen) preview photos, 10 high resolution edited images, and 3 formatted headshot images, the charge is $300.  You are free to have these printed at any professional headshot printer or photo lab.  I can provide 8x10 prints for $2 each.  If you are interested in prints, I can show you print samples at the review session, so you can see the quality you'd be getting.  I can also provide large prints, up to 13 inches x 19 inches in size.

The charge for returning clients is $200.

If you bring a friend who also wants pictures, you can share the photo shoot and review session.  You can each get 10 edited images.  The charge would be $300 for the 1st person ($200 if repeat client) and $150 for the second person, for a total of $450 (or $350).

And, hey, if you're a repeat client, and you just need a quicky character headshot, or a dancer body shot, we'll work something out.

Payment terms are: half due upon scheduling the photo shoot, and the other half due before delivery of final edited images.  Payment via paypal, or cash.

Other work - I'm happy to discuss other types of videography and photography needs you might have.  I've done all sorts of jobs, from band photos for their EPK, to video recording piano recitals.  Pricing dependent on how busy I am, and how cool the job is.  In general, I hope the quality of my work speaks for itself, despite the fact that I'm not charging premium pricing.